Earth-Prime Timeline 


115 English settlers arrive on Roanoke Island. John White leaves to gather fresh supplies. A war breaks out between England and Spain. 


John White returns to find no trace of the settlers. Croatoan is carved into a wooden post: This marks the first real appearance of "magic."


The Salem witch trials start and in full force. Hysteria spreads across Salem, MA. Despite there being now witches at this time, magic was sturring. During this time, supernatural entities started to appear across the colonies. 


The First Continental Congress is formed. Boston Harbor is closed, and the British deploy troops in Massachusetts. 

The American Revolution starts, and Geoge Washington leads the continental army to fight the British. 

Heroes are discovered, and the Fighter class is "born." 

On July 4th, the Declaration of Independence is endorsed by congress, and independence is declared. 

Magic is all but forgotten at this point. 


In May, the United States Congress approved the Indian Removal Act. The Native American spirits are angered, and the first major set of spheres is created. 


Boy Scouts is founded. 

Girl Scouts is founded. 

Fenway Park in Boston is opened. 

Magic is all mostly forgotten now. Most people regard magic as being fake. 


The Apollo Program is complete. 

Extraterrestrial life is found on the moon.