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Getting Started

Welcome to the Megaverse! When I first started doing this, I intended for it to be long and complex. I add to it all the time, and I knew eventually I would have to put together a guide or handbook to get everything sorted properly. 


I use the Megaverse for many systems, and in many ways, it was not created for only roleplaying. Short stories and books also exist inside the Megaverse. This guide is intended to get you started, with other guides and released coming soon.

What is the Megaverse? 

The Megaverse is a connected set of Multiverses. A Multiverse is a set of universes that make up everything that exists. Each group of Multiverses makes up the Megaverse. 


In my Megaverse, a Multiverse is made of one-hundred Prime Prime Planets. The Megaverse currently consists of: 


  • The Originals: The first one-hundred Prime Planets and all the extras that go with it. These are the original universes. Everything started in the Originals, including the big bang! 

  • The PlaneScapes: The next two-hundred Prime Planets. The PlaneScapes do not have magic like the Originals. People of the PlaneScapes believe in science and reason; magic is reserved only for the gods. 

  • Lundova Planets: The next three-hundred Prime Planets. The Lundova Planets are war-torn and have largely been left alone. Races far outside the scope of the Originals and the PlaneScape thrive here. 

  • The New Deca Auras: The New Deca Auras are the next four-hundred Prime Planets. The New Deca Auras are full of magic, and the races found there reflect that. 

  • The EitherScapes: The next five-hundred Prime Planets. The EitherScapes are ancient; the closer you are to the end of the known Megaverse, the more things start to twist and weave. Some say the EitherScapes are where the Ancient Ones live. Others say the EitherScapes is home to an ancient civilization that has been lost for centuries. 

  • The NeitherScapes: The NeitherScapes are the next six-hundred Prime Planets. The NeitherScapes are hellish, and the races reflect that. Each planet holds an intense landscape, some planets are extremely hot, and others are icy. Other planets seem to be utopias. 

  • The EndScapes: The EndScapes are the last of the Prime Planets. You can find hundreds of Prime Planets here. The magic is unstable; the races are unknown: This is the end of the current Megaverse. Heroes do not adventure here. 

The Megaverse consists of interconnected stories and characters. Names and events will be brought up across multiple stories. The history of the Megaverse is connected in various ways, and that can be seen with various timelines. When you get involved with the Megaverse, you are getting involved in crazy adventures, and mysteries like you've never seen before. 

What is this guide for, and how do you use it? 

This guide will serve as your reference for everything to come. More guides will be released as time goes on. You can think of this guide as a players handbook, although no select system will be referenced. 


When you feel lost, this is the place you can come to get some concrete answers. On the website, you will find all the rules you need to get started. As a reminder, please do not use anything from this guide or any of the artwork. If there is something you want to try for your games just go ahead and ask! 


This guide is best viewed on the desktop version of the website. You can find everything here in the website codex.

Character Options

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