Welcome New Players!

Please read and follow the rules posted here. When you're ready, check out the advanced rules.


Player Expectations

Expectations for the group.

  • Please be mindful of your fellow players. Sometimes you’ll have to compromise with everyone to get things done. 

  • Follow the general server rules! 

  • Come to the game with the world-anvil already ready to be used. You might have to make a world anvil account to do this. Make sure to activate your character. 

    • You do not need to fill out the world anvil character sheet. 

  • Be able to keep track of your character sheet, and especially your abilities.

    • I will still check the character sheets, and if you need help, please ask.  

  • Take your own notes, I will post session recaps when I have the time. If you have a Patreon member, the session recap will be posted right after the session. 

  • You can not use homebrew to create your character. I  will give homebrew to you during the game. For character creation, we use dndbeyond. 

    • I have content sharing enabled. 

    • Homebrew is best tracked on the world anvil page.


Basic Rules

A rundown of some basic rules 

for the dungeons and dragons 5e 


  • If you plan to play a Tiefling, you can use the following colors: 

    • Pale white 

    • Dark Purple 

    • Light Purple 

    • Dark Blue 

    • Black 

    • Red 

    • Light Green 

  • Aarakocra 

    • It cannot be flavored to look like anything other than an eagle. 

  • Kenku 

    • It must be a crow. 

  • Lizard Folk 

    • Lizard Folk cannot be flavored to look like another species of lizard. For example, your lizardfolk cannot be a chameleon. 

    • You can customize your lizardfolk with a variety of colors, patterns, etc. 

  • Tabaxi

    • Your Tebaxi can not belong to a specific feline species. For example, your Tebaxi cannot be a lion.

  • Weapons and armor cannot be re-flavored, even if it’s only cosmetic. 

  • Spells can’t be re-flavored, even if it’s only cosmetic. 

  • Race size matters; you will have to get custom armor and weapons if your race is small (or tiny). You will also have to get custom armor and weapons if you're large (or huge). 

  • Spell components only matter if it’s expensive or stated in the rules. Otherwise, you just use your focus. 

  • We use our best judgment with ammo. 

  • Encumbrance works on the honor system: You can only carry so much before I tell you you're out of space. 

  • You can target parts of the body; you must make this call before you attack. 

  • We use the rule of cool a lot, but these cool things still require rolls.


Character Creation

How to create your character.

Your character does not come from inside the Megaverse. Usually, you're chosen to head into the Megaverse. In rare instances, you fall into the Megaverse. You come from the FR.

  • Homebrew will not be allowed for the players.

    • Some exceptions can be made during the game, but not during character creation. 

  • Your image 

    • The way races look has changed a lot, and you can see all of these changes in the racial section.

    • Your character will not follow these guidelines for creation: You will be from any of the official locations and can not be from a planet inside the Multiverse. 

    • Your image still matters, so be sure to tell me or show me what your character looks like.

  • Backstory 

    • All characters must have at least a paragraph of backstory that can be used and is clear to read. 

      • You can make it as long as you want. 

      • Your backstory must be practical. We can make adjustments before the game day. 

    • Include any relevant information. 

      • I will be using your backstory. What you include in it needs to work for the game and the character. All information will be relevant. 

    • I will post the backstory, so keep it relatively SFW (safe for work). 

    • You can not change your backstory once you submit it, but you can add to it.

    • Please send me the backstory once it is completed.  

  • Stats 

    • You can roll for your character only once; once you roll, this can not be changed. 

      • You will be using ! randchar for all your character rolls inside the server. 

      • If you get 3, 1’s, you will be able to bump those to a 10. 

    • You can use any other generation of stats; once you pick one, this can not be changed. 

    • You can roll inside the server or on dndbeyond. Please keep it consistent; I need to be able to see all the dice rolls. 

  • Class

    • All of the base classes are the same and have not been tweaked. 

      • They do have added weapons and armor options, so choose carefully. 

      • I  will add new spells as well. 

      • Clerics and Paladins must worship something; it can be one god or a whole pantheon of gods. It has to be something. 

    • Multiclassing 

      • You will be able to start Multiclassing at level 3 and can continue to do so until level 20. 

      • Once you are multiclassing, you will not be able to undo your choice come game day. 

      • You need a backstory reason to multiclass and tri-classing is not allowed.

  • Other 

    • You can either roll for your coins or use the baseline starting equipment. 

    • All official races are always allowed to play. Choose wisely. 

      • If you decide you do not like your character, please let me know. 

    • When you get your stats, you will be required to try and roleplay your stats. I understand this can be hard sometimes, but it helps keep the game flowing. If your stat is below a seven, you do not have to act it out. 

    • You have to fill out all aspects of the character sheet, including the height and weight of your character. 

    • You will have a week to make your character. I will not accept characters that are not made with the group, so no pulling characters from other games. 

    • Your character has to want to with the team for one reason or another. No emo characters will be allowed.



The list of things that I have banned. 

I can add or take away items from 

this list at any time.

  • All content from Ravenloft is banned. 

  • Artificer 

    • Armorer is banned. 

    • Cannot dip into Megaverse classes. 

    • Cannot learn Megaverse specific magic. 

    • Cannot recreate technomancer technology. 

    • Cannot upgrade technomancer technology.

  • Barbarian 

    • Path of the wild magic is banned. 

  • Feats 

    • Lucky is banned. 

  • Spells 

    • Wish is banned.



  • “The Megaverse is unofficial Fan Content permitted under the Fan Content Policy. Not approved/endorsed by Wizards. Portions of the materials used are property of Wizards of the Coast. ©Wizards of the Coast LLC.”