Vampires in the Megaverse: Night-Walkers

Night-Walkers follow a more classic approach to vampires, and they are what we will be covering today.

The Night-Walkers of the Megaverse cannot be left in the sun; their skin will burn, and they will turn to ash. Night-Walkers do not usually spare their meals, often killing the humans they decide to feast on.

Some Night-Walkers will charm their victims and keep them around for a constant form of sustenance. Unlike the Sun-Walkers, Night-Walkers do not have a particular way of killing. Often Night-Walkers will drain their victims entirely and leave them where they found them.

Some Night-Walkers have killing patterns, and others do not. Night-Walkers do have a few different species, but we will not be discussing those here.


Males and Females


  • They are the prime hunters for any vampire coven.

  • They are adept in magic and often use charms and potions.

  • Their claws are weaker.

  • Females have claws on their toes.

  • Inviting scent.


  • Stronger claws.

  • Do not use magic if a male vampire could use magic before their channel is severely blocked.

  • Extremely fast.

  • Inviting scent.

Both sexist have the following:

  • Excellent night vision.

  • The ability to spot other species of vampire.



Night-Walkers have shell-like claws. The claws on a male night-walker are not retractable; a female night-walker can retract the claws on her hands.

These claws make a whooshing sound when they swipe the air, and they cut deep. Claws are a signature of the night-walker species.

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