What can we do with World Anvil?

So World Anvil is something all Megaverse players are going to have to get used to. World Anvil will allow us to use custom maps, keep track of content, and more! It will be used hand and hand with the website.



All members will have access to the map feature. The Megaverse is supposed to function as a community. Maps allow us to do that on a grand scale.


All members will have access to the interactive timelines and other interactive content, including articles and lore.


Premium Access

First, how do you get access to this premium content?

One of your members has to be apart of this perk. The whole group does not have to join this.

It gives you a fair bit of content additions for your game.

The text-based: You do not have to use this, but it will be an option.

The World Anvil: this is what we are going to be talking about in this section.

The World Anvil is best for players who want to keep track of everything, and let me explain why.


The primer will organize your starting lore for you and keep all new lore set in place: This gives you all your lore in one place.

For month-long games, this is key.


All of your sessions will be in one place, allowing us to make after-session notes and view everything that has happened in the past.


So plots outline the story beats that we end up going through.

Because of each game's scope and size, it is good to keep track of all the plots. Don't worry; I do that for you.


So let's take a look at parties.

As your group travels, you will get quests, both side quests and main quests. The parties section will allow you and me to keep track of quests easily.

Minor Task

The minor tasks are normally something completed in a single session or a few sessions after.

All the other kinds of quests are featured here.

Once you get your quests together, this is what your screen will look like.

World Anvil also allows us to keep track of NPCs!


For Players

As a player, you do not have to make your whole sheet and add it to World Anvil. You have to attach a sheet to get the following features to work.

Nasim was kind enough to take some screenshots for us; bear in mind there are more features!

left to right: thoughts/ideas; achievements; quotes; artwork/images; out of character;

Health tracker and more! The handouts section is also important.

  • You will follow your character's history; this will become important later down your game line.

  • You can view your sheet and everything included inside of it.

  • The Scrapbook.

  • Gallery.

  • Journal.

  • Followers.

All of this is also covered in the workflow: https://www.worldanvil.com/w/WorldAnvilCodex/a/player-workflow

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