The Originals 

Welcome to the Original Universes 

The Original Universes were created; first, they got magic, and the gods had paid particular attention to these planets. The Original planets consist of the Prime Planets. During the creation of Prime Planets, the moons and suns were created in tandem. Once the earth, the moon, and the sun were in place, the gods went about adding humans to Earth 0: At the start, we had one universe, and soon, we got a multiverse. 

The Beginning  

Long ago, (over 100,000,000 years) a man had a dream, this man was called The Wise One. The Wise One was said to be living on the first earth, the first place of life. He was said to be so wise that the gods would come to him for answers. He is the man who decided that the God Spheres would be put into place, he is said to be the first. The first father, the first grandfather, the first husband, and the first to die. It is said that the man was made in his image. With this idea in mind, the first earth became a place for humans, and on this first earth, you could only find humans. 

It is said that these humans were "pure" the perfect race of people: This was until The Second Wise One was discovered. This man had a different color; this man had a different tongue. This man had better words, and it is said that this is the man who brought on the "others.” The others who had a different color, the others who had different ways. It is said that this was when the first war happened. The great ones of old describe this as the fall of the first earth; this is why the oldest Earth is gone.

When the first Earth was destroyed, that was supposed to be the end of man, but The Wise One knew that others would live. He knew these people could not be the only ones. He made sure not to share his ideas with just anyone, so he put it into a book. The Great Book Of Old. In this book, he spoke of the one pure race, and who can and can not stand with it. He spoke of mixed breeds before they were even discovered. It was the Wise One who decided what the One True Race was, and it was him that started a war that would carry through hundreds of galaxies.


The Vendel Tek Universe: Rise and Fall 

The Grim Dawn

Before the creation of humans, or other races inside the Multiverse, there was only the Grik. The Grik were the first to come into existence; ancient art shows that they were large, frog looking creatures. The Grik has been drawn wearing clothing, swimming, dancing; they were brilliant. 

This was a time before the Gods, and most accounts of this time have been lost for a very long time. It took many years for the Grik to die off, and for the gods of old to rise. Zeus was one of the first to arrive on this new planet, and he quickly left. A few hundred years later, and we see Mother Nashtek, not a god, she was something else. Nashtek created the first humans; from her, the Wise One was born. 

The Wise One was alone; he studied the earth, learned to build, but soon got lonely. Nashtek could see this, so he gave him a woman; she would later become known as the Mistress of Knowledge: Later in history, she would leave her husband and disappear into the cosmos. 

Once both humans were placed on the planet, the gods of old came back; animals were created. Nashtek created other humans, spreading them out across the world. These men and women would come to be known as the Old Council. Together, they began to colonize this new planet, developing technology and learning. 

The Second Wise One: Great Change 

Nashtek could see change on her planet, men getting aggressive. Once more, she made humans; this time, she made them different: Different nationalities, different skin colors, and gifted these people magic. She hid them around her planet to let them develop in peace. 

During this time, the Second Wise One came to be; this man wanted to learn and teach. He wanted peace across the globe, and most importantly, he wanted to share the magic with the rest of the world. This was a mistake. 

The Wise One wanted this power for himself; he saw how strong it could be, and decided to take it by force: This did not go as planned, his wife stopped him. She bought the Second Wise One enough time to escape; he went back into hiding. After that, The Wise One lost his wife; she left him. 

The Wise One slowly went insane, and as the world around him was developing, he was not. His mind was fixed on one point in time; he wanted that magic. He wanted power, and he would stop at nothing to get it. At this point, the people of the planet started to keep a small log of history: At first, it had no label. Later it was called DOT, Dawn Of Creation. 

In 10 DOT, The Wise One started to work on The Book of Old. This book detailed the power they could possess if they worked together, how there can be on real race of humans, and what needs to be done to achieve perfection. 

Development of magic 

In 23 DOT, the Second Wise One started his work on developing magic. New spells were born, fireball being among his favorite. During this time, he had been working on some of his other theories. He knew they couldn't be the only life: With this in mind, he set out developing World Jumping. Since this kind of magic was still new, he could not get anyone off the planet. 

In the year 50 DOT, he was able to World Jump, his son, off the planet. It is still unclear where this boy ended up. Everyone knew this magic would be essential, and so it was kept hidden. In the year 100 DOT, the Ancient Magic channels were closed: This took over forty trusted mages. 


The rise of the Organization 

The Organization first took its roots, and it was not very strong, it had no real leader. The purpose of the Organization was obvious, make the perfect human, a male-dominated society, white men only, only one nation in power. The purpose of this Organization in its early days was to make sure none of the "others" were allowed to live. The Organization follows the teachings of the Book of Old. 

This book got passed around from earth to earth, making people think that the first world jumpers were the men of the first earth. However, this is wrong and can be proven by the logs of Earth 43. Using false information, and the book of lies, the book was mass-produced and passed around, quickly. The Organization knew there were other Prime Planets, and they used this limited knowledge to push their game plan in motion. 

On Earth 3, the book fell into the hands of a man who, at the time, was no different from any other boy. He was humble and full of hope. After reading its pages, the boy had "his eyes opened.” Instead, his brain finally snapped, and the Mad Mage was born. But the man did not know he was not the only one with plans. The leaders on Earth 3 saw this boy changing, and knew it would be pointless to stop him. He already had a group growing; his plans were already set into motion.

So, they did what they could to get people ready. Locking away the sons and daughters of the great leaders, and trying to send warnings to other planets: This is when we see evidence of world leaders knowing about the multiverse. When push came to shove, the Mad Mage won Earth 3. During the battle, the earth was broken, as the mage was already getting to work collecting the gods. Using unique tokens, he would fight Anubis and Ra and win. The power of Ra gave the Mage the ability to blast the earth, killing almost everyone on it. This battle is known as The dark side of the sun. It happened in the year 160 DOT. 

Sadly, the Mage was one step ahead of the leaders, and when he was done, he came for the sons and daughters. It took him years to get the first one, South, Atticus of River Wood. He was the first to be "set free" or instead taken to a place like hell but much worse. The Mad Mage wanted the magical power present in the Royals, and he would try to get South to show his power. Since he had South locked in the Time Sphere He had all the time in the world to toy with South. The beatings were extensive, and he will forever wear the scars. But South would not give him what he wanted. The Mad Mage would need to increase the pain; he would need to be extreme.

So he played the image of South's mother being killed, over and over. The blade going under her chin and slicing through the front of her face. On repeat, South was forced to watch, forced to hear his father screaming. After months of this and the beatings he snapped. The Mad Mage was happy at first but the power was too great for him to handle, and South was set free. The Mad Mage knew he would need a Royal who was trained, he would need West.

With orders sent right from the top and carried out by the Mad Mage himself, he went after West. West was being held in a magical place; like the others, this would help preserve his age. While the Mage was going after South, the real man in charge got to work on Earth-Prime, Earth 1, and Earth 2. This is the man who started the base of the Organization and kick-started Project Meta. This was also when the hunt for Royals, Demi-Gods, and Supernaturals got underway. These people were mostly children, and a lot of them were killed or at least wished they got killed. Back on Earth 3, the hunt for West stopped. West put up a fight, but once he was set free from the Magical Place he was being held, he was outnumbered five to one.

Once West was taken back to the place where the Mad Mage kept his captives, other organizations started to pop up. Around this time is when world jumping became very popular, and so to regulate this, the World Jumping Council was made. After the council was made, the High Court Of The Multiverse was made. The court made rules, laws. The court also made it possible for the Mad Mage to start logging Earths. Once West was broken, and he was broken, the Mage could go about his plans. He could not find North or South right away. 

Information and Overall Lore